FKT: Adeline Casali - Acadia Traverse (ME) - 2020-06-07

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7h 26m 26s
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On June 7th, 2020, I completed the Acadia Traverse with the intent of setting a women's unsupported FKT for the route. I spent the weekend up in Acadia camping with my mom, who was gracious enough to drop me off at Sand Beach at 5:30am and pick me up on the other side of the island about 7 and a half hours later. I didn't run any of it, I just hiked at a normal pace and enjoyed the lovely views of Acadia. Because I hiked this during the quarantine period in Maine, the park was essentially empty except for the handful of Maine residents (like ourselves) who got to spend time in the park without the crowds of tourists. It was really great to climb all of the mountains that I have climbed over the years during my times in Acadia growing up in one continuous route. I loved seeing trails that I had never hiked before as well as revisiting old favorites. I carried all food and water for the duration of the hike, and hiked alone for the duration of the hike. I would love to go back someday and lower this time by actually running sections and putting in a little more effort. Maybe next summer!