FKT: Ady Gray - Holme Valley Circular Walk - 2023-04-02

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5h 41m 1s
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A stunning but brutal route. Had a few issues route finding - ended up in the midst of a Gorse thicket and entangled on a barbwire fence - some down to my own lack of focus but also issues where the GPX and the path on the ground didn't match. Certainly didn't spoil the run though as this route is one the best I've run - particularly the drop down to Digley Reservoir and the climb back out again. Route is fiddly to navigate around Netherthong and Upperthong and again near the finish across farmland; care has to be taken to not trespass as the path is very indistinct in places. Be prepared for the kicker at the end as at mile 23 with 4000 feet of climbing already done a 350 foot 1-in-10 hill tests the legs and lungs; a savage way to finish the run but the woodlands prior to it make it all worthwhile. The views are incredible and the mudfest on one of the steepest descents had me laughing out loud as I skidded down the hill all but out of control. If I hadn't done a couple of FKTs - including Helvellyn by Striding and Swirral Edges - 6 days prior, I might have put a better performance in on this one. One to come back and have another punt at for sure...