FKT: Aiden Toth - Ragged Mountain (CT) - 2020-08-08

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
46m 50s
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cooler mornin, tho was extremely humid (100% according to strava). met matt at the trailhead then 2 up, I started about 5 min before him and went out conservatively. first mile felt relatively good, there were a bunch of downed trees which were tuff to navigate around quickly but got through 2 miles feeling good and way ahead of pace. continued climbing and was still getting confused by the random intersections which r so badly marked. had to hike some of the short and steep boulder ups which is always annoying but got to the downhill feeling solid. twisted right ankle really bad super early into mile 3 i think and proceeded to retwist it may b 5 or 6 times after which wasnt helpful. it felt better and better as i went which was great cuz the awful rock field section thats super jagged and atrocious to run came up quick. the uphill there sucks so much and i kinda went the wrong way a few times then found the trail and got to the more narrow descent section. a bunch more trees made it hard, had to walk around one then tried to fly down the more open last .2 or so and made up a little time. felt strong, def not the right morning for this especially after the storm but am happy i got it. might not go for it again cuz i dont really enjoy the type of technical that this loop offers, its only fun for slower running.