FKT: Alek Simpson - Mammoth Crest - Duck Pass (CA) - 2020-07-14

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Planned on getting out there yesterday. Didn’t happen sadly and had to wait until the middle of the day today when my alternator went out in my car this morning. Really thought a lot about my great grandma today. Today would have been her 101st birthday. Passed away last year just before her 100th and I kept thinking about how she never got to see me race. Today I wanted to honor her memory. A woman who was born at the end of WW1 and near the end of her life was posting Instagram stories. (Whether or not they were intentional is still up for debate between the great grandchildren.) Also it’s my dogs second birthday so that is cool. Wasatch getting canceled has left me a little confused. But I’ll keep pushing. Today I took it pretty easy with a big run on Thursday. This is a cool route. Trail is kinda hard to find in the middle just before the first high point.