FKT: Alex Bulat-ven den Wildenberg - Dinara summit route - 2022-07-31

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Standard route
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2h 58m 17s

This is an Amazing route! it has everything, amazing views, challenging trails, lots of vert, untouched nature ♥️. There is a small parking lot right at the start of the route in glavas. the route is very well marked so easy to follow. Make sure you watch your map on intersections of routes to stay on the correct route.

The route is a true challenge the average climbs are 17% but in the beginning it even goes up to 30%+. So I would kill the legs on the first part of the climb. on the top it is very windy, this mountain is know for this so be careful and bring a jacket if you are attempting this trial on day that are hot and sunny! So pack light on hot days, but don't forget there is no direct water resupply ability, there are some springs but don't count of this. I brought 1L of water in my vest and that was enough for me on a hot day. I didn't bring any food just gels, and some salt tablets. I would really attempt it early morning, I start at about 8am, but it was already about 32degree Celsius on my run so it was a hot day with a lot of sweating. if had started 1h early it would have been mid 20ies.

I would say this is not just for every average runner to attempt, get so mountain legs first and some experience on technical trails, as you need to keep in mind it is a remote area and there are to many people, the rocks are really sharp so if you fall this could be a bad situation. 

There is 1 cabin on the way back at around 11km, on 1500m, where you could take shelter if something is wrong. sometimes there are hikers there. 

But when you go for it, it is amazing 🤩