FKT: Alex Garcia - Black Mountain Crest Trail (NC) - 2016-08-30

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2h 48m 10s

I've had this on the list for a while now. Start at Bolens creek. Climb 4m then amazing trail ascending 10 peaks above 6k with the end at Mt. Mitchell observation deck. Ironically the fastest running was on the 4 mile climb as the terrain was technical with lots of bouldering and even some ropes on the final climb. Took it to Mitchell then came back, 23m, lots of up and down - amazing trail

The FKT or what I believe is the FKT. Start at Bolens creek, and climb the 10 peaks, exit trail at Mt. Mitchell parking, touch rail at Observation deck. 2:48:10 distance 11.4m.

I did the out and back. 5:43:39 22.8m total gain 7,172 +- 14k

Brutal trail lots of scrambling but amazing nonetheless.

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