FKT: Alex Godard - Lofoten Long Crossing - 2023-07-23

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4d 23h 29m 22s

I've hike this trail made by Rando Lofoten in July 2023. 

To be honest it was never in my initial idea to tried to get the FKT on this trail. I'm a backpacker not a runner. I can walk for a long period of time but I don't run 

I've start this trail at 10:01 am on July 18 2023 with food for 5 days, everything to sleep and manage the weather on the trail. I also had in my backpack, camera, tripod, drone and alot of battery to solo document this adventure.

There's to things challenging with this trail.
First of all the trail is not always trace. So you have to connect point by yourself.
The most challenging part that I find was transportation. 
I can manage walking all day for 17 hours. But hitchhiking it's unpredictable.
You need to hitchhike some part for safety and for par forbidden to walk like suggest on the website route.

To have the most chance with that and to catch ferry for the fjord part (leaving 1 time a day).
I adapt my walking to mostly walk during the night.

I did the part surported. By that I mean that I did do some hitchhike at the place that it was said to do so. I also eat in 2 restaurants on the route and a couple met on the trail give me a little bit of their food at the end cause it was actually more calories consuming Thant what I expected at first. That's the only support a got on the trail. There's a detour suggested for a grocery at Ramberg, but I skip that one.

I had some physical pain at the beginning of my third day, some pain at the foot from an injury did while Crossing Iceland on foot, after a bit of time, the pain was gone and didn't feel it for the rest of the hike.

The idea of pushing to do it in less that 5 days start at the end of day 3 when I saw that I had more than half the route done. I was thinking at the moment that the route it's supposed to be done in 11 days. So I've start searching, and the fastest time I saw was on 7 days. That's were my competitive mode start to quick in.

With some sleep deprived, long day if walking and no more energy at the end I succed to cross the route in 4 days,  23 hours and 29 min.