FKT: Alex King - Glacier Peak (WA) - 2020-07-05

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6h 52m 41s

On July 5th, 2020 I ran from the North Sauk Trailhead to the summit of Glacier peak via the Gerdine Ridge/Disappoointment Cleaver route in 4:10:13. Running back down to the trailhead for a round trip time of 6:52:41. An insanely beautiful route.

From Strava:

Started at 6am on the dot from North Sauk trailhead. Complete snow cover started at White pass but snow conditions where pretty ideal. Tagged the true summit (and the other high point just to make sure) in 4:10:13. Said hello to some nice folks up top, took a couple pics, lolligaged around a bit and then started back down. Again, pretty ideal conditions for the decent. Weather was also absolutely perfect.

Wore Salomon Slab Sense 8 SG's the entire way. Brought microspikes but never needed em although a fall in some spots would have been a real bummer. No ice axe. Brought BD Distance poles. Slammed a ridiculous amount of caffeinated drink mix. Pretty sure that was key to feeling good all day. And that I did.

Thought I was going to have some solitude up there but shoulda remembered it was the weekend of July 4th. Quite a number of folks enjoying it up there.


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Congratulations ? Alex,

Love watching your progress towards King of the Cascades! 

Keep crushing!