FKT: Alex King - Mt Washington (OR) - 2020-08-23

Route variation
ascent from PCT TH
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Start date
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Total time
1h 23m 7s

From Strava:

The time for this will definitely get taken down substantially. Started from PCT trailhead. The mellow, fairly level PCT section was really nice to get the legs flowing on. Took ridge trail hard reasonably hard, could have picked a better route through some of the wooded part where the trail splits and comes back together a couple times. Lost a couple minutes trying to figure out how not to kill myself on the top scramble. Down climbing the top wasn't too bad, took it real slowly but I can see how if you were to get off route even in the slightest it could get reaaaal scary real quick. Took the trail descent nice and mellow. Got pretty warm.

Solo and no rope. Just me and my sweet kicks.

Such a cool route, stoked to have gotten up it!