FKT: Alex Walker - Golden - Mt Evans (CO) - 2022-06-15

Route variation
ascent from Chimney Gulch
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
9h 44m 26s
GPS track(s)

I started at 4:54am at the highway. It was a cool morning and the weather was perfect all day, aside from some wind. I brought my trekking poles for later in the day, so I took advantage of them for a couple of the early climbs. The singletrack was fun, with a lot of variation in terrain. I then pushed the pace quite a lot through town, while the trails were still nice and runnable. I kept reasonable splits up the massive climb, but the altitude really got to me during the last few miles. I reached the summit at 2:38pm, then met my dad who drove me back to my car.

I ran/hiked the whole thing alone and unsupported. I carried a ton of Tailwind powder and a water filter, which worked great for refilling as I walked. Luckily there were a few creeks down low still running, and plenty of water up high. I probably filled up around 8 bottles throughout the day.

Overall it was a great day on a fun route! I'm personally pretty happy with the time, but it certainly still has room to be improved.