FKT: Alex Weigel - Heroldsteig (Germany) - 2021-01-09

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4h 32m 52s
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What a beauty, what a winter wonderland. Took the train to Hersbruck and started at around 10:10AM. Temperatures where sub zero degree celcius, especially when the sun wasn't shining. Trails were in good conditions (besides the last 5k), only a bit slippery and frozen with up to 10cm snow sometimes. Super nice atmosphere, one of the most peaceful and quiet runs I had in a while. Enjoyed the first 28k and started pushing the last 12-14k (which were fairly flat). The train back from Forth to Nuremberg leaves at :50 each hour. Arrived at the train station at 14:42 :). Used two spring energy gels and two picky bars, and drank around 1.2l water (hard to drink during these cold temps). Might not have been the fastest time ever, but considering the conditions, I should at least have the unsupported winter FKT. Shoes: Salomon Sense Pro 4; pack: Black Diamond Distance Pack 15; watch: Garmin Forerunner 945.