FKT: Alexander Emming - Winterswijkse Berg (Netherlands) - 2022-06-05

Route variation
1000m elevation gain
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 13m 35s

Hi fellow runners,

I live near this place on the German side of the border. I started my attempt on a sunny Sunday morning at about 7 am. The conditions were dry and not too warm. I put three cones at the bottom of the slope as a turning point, to make sure i touched the gravel road with both feet each repetition. On top of the hill i put three cones as a turning point as well. I placed those cones next to the montainbike track, which runs across that hill. I did not cross the bike track, i didn't want to interfere with any cyclist. But there weren't any at that time anyway. At my bottom turning point, which was my start and finish as well, i placed a list in a small table, i marked each round, and noted some splits. The elevation gain of each ascent is 13 meters, according to Heini who submitted this FKT. I stick to the recommendation to count ascents instead of trusting the cummulative elevation gain on the GPS watch. It takes 77 ascents to get 1000 m of elevation. I did 79 repetitions to be sure i made 1000 m. I carried some water in a running vest. But drinking was nearly impossible due to the constantly high intensity of the run. I used running poles. It took me 1:13:50 hours of constant effort to make it. It was hard for me, but great fun.