FKT: Alexander Parker - Agua Tibia Loop (CA) - 2022-12-24

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3h 6m 17s

treated as a progression run, with dripping springs + palomar divide being easy effort then upping the effort to theoretical 50k effort on all the non brushy sections of the wild horse descent… which was only like half of it haha. palomar divide had its usual steeplechase practice for the last bit. the last bit of the climb on dripping + palomar had a few dozen patches of 1 inch deep snow which was fun! overall too brushy and too many easy effort miles to go sub3 hours, but that is definitely possible, especially if miles 5.5-15ish get a makeover. a singlet was the wrong choice today because of all the shoulder high brush, but it’s a super fun loop when the brush is absent! tectons did awesome, 8.5/10 today

palomar divide: 1:13:18
crosley saddle: 1:43:46
finish: 3:06:17
started and ended on the pavement at the trailhead