FKT: Alexander Parker - West Cuesta Mistbuster Loop (CA) - 2021-04-25

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
1h 52m 59s

settled into an uptempo rhythm early on and felt relatively easy until the end of the tracks, and then the last climb to the car kicked my butt haha. legs felt more and more normal throughout the run. started raining on me on my climb out of chrome which made the pick descent a tad sketchy but it ended up well, passed some MTBers haha. really happy with this effort, i really was just trying to go sub 2 hours. and i didn’t fully empty the tank, so that’s awesome too
splits: top of pick and shovel = 42:54 
train tracks = 1:16:38 
overall = 1:52:59 
fuel: one salted watermelon Clif Blok, one chai latte GU Roctane, 12oz of water with a kiwi strawberry Nuun (drank probably 8oz because it was raining and i didn’t get thirsty), and a honey stinger waffle before 
good day!