FKT: Alexandra Garcia - Veredas Noreste / Sea to Summit - 2023-01-12

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On Thursday 01/14/23 I ran the Veredas Noreste route from Fajardo to Canóvanas. I developed a trail run strategy that divides this trail into 5 sections with 2 re-supply/rest stops along the way. I started at 5:35 AM after checking in with the security guard from Las Cabezas de San Juan. The first 11 miles, what I call the first section, were almost entirely beach/coastal trails, easy to maintain a slow but consistent pace. I took a 20 min rest break at the Playa La Pared to have breakfast and change my shoes (difficult to not get your feet wet running along the coast). The second section was about 5.6 miles traversing from the town square of Luquillo to the entrance of the Bisley trail parking area in El Yunque. I ran on sidewalks at an average 10:30-11 min/mi pace for half of this. The rest is on narrow mountain roads. Fortunately there wasn’t much traffic.


the Bisley trail and La Coca trails to the Yokahú tower make up the third section. The river crossings the day of my run were manageable, the water was light and clean considering how much rain the area had the days before. At the tower I had a longer rest break, had a big lunch and changed my clothing and shoes. I highly suggest long pants and long sleeve shirt for El Yunque, particularly in the last few trails that are less frequented by tourists (fifth and final section of route).


The fourth section went by fast, with a lot of the most popular viewpoints of El Yunque making it a fun and beautiful segment. A light rain came down in between 2 and 3 om, typical for the forest. It was pretty humid during this portion and time of day.


I was accompanied by a friend and US Forest Service ranger during the last section of the run. At this point it was mostly a brisk walk, maintaining between 23-28 min/mi in the first few miles, and slowing down to up to 50 min/mi near the top of El Toro and descending down the mountain. On the Tradewinds trail, full body coverage was a must due to overgrowth on trail. El Toro trail was an absolute mud mess, with long sections of shin deep mud, the kind that sucks you in and makes postholing a full body workout.


All in all I had a great day, felt in good spirit most of the time, and the weather played in my favor. Any more rain before the run and the trails could have been much more difficult to traverse, and the river crossings likely dangerous depending on water level.


I am the first person to complete this route in one day; significant planning was required. Para mis amigos y amigas puertorriqueño/as, en este enlace he compartido muchísima información para ayudarlos a planificar su propia aventura:


Hi Alexandria -- what a great route and run! It's helpful to read your notes about how you sectioned out the day too. I'm considering doing this route in May and am wondering what sort of permitting/approvals you needed to get to be able to cover this route? Thanks in advance!