FKT: Alfred Lau - Singapore's North East Line - 2024-03-29

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2h 35m 9s

Had the "brilliant" idea to run along the train lines of Singapore, and decided to start with the shortest, the NEL. As someone who commutes on the NEL almost daily, this train line is special to me. Recent temperatures in Singapore were on an all-time high, and I was all ready to bake under the brutal sun, Surprisingly, the weather was great; it was cloudy from the get-go and it even rained from Potong Pasir to Hougang, which helped cool me down massively. There's a water cooler at Hougang interchange which is open to public, which is where I had a bit of water (my 500ml flask was long gone by then). Reached Punggol and met up with my friend who also attempted the FKT with a head start, since we both wanted an unsupported effort.