FKT: Alicia Devero - Cranberry Lake 50 (NY) - 2019-08-31

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14h 39m 41s

It was my very first ULTRA 50. I decided to run it solo, to set an example for other women who will be running it an Ultra vs. hiking and simply because it gave me an opportunity to rely exclusively on myself without being forced to slow down for anyone, nor trying to keep up with anyone. It obviously has its downsides since at this time of the year, parts of this run take place in a complete darkness, but I have to admit that the adrenaline cumulating rappidly from the moment I woke up at 4:30 am generated so much positive energy that it didn't let my demons mess with my mind too much :) I started at 5:30 am on South Shore Rd. in Wanakena and I run the loop counterclockwise. I assumed that, if for some reason, I had to bail out, it would be around mile 38 - after I exited the forest for the first time since I started. End even if I continued running for the remaining 12 miles from Cranberry Lake back to Wanakena, that route would still offer some exit options. Fortunately I was able to finish running the entire loop achieving my personal best time on this distance. I still managed to take pictures - it would be a travesty to ignore the surrounding me beauty - and I listened to the sounds of the nature waking up to morning sunlight. It is a beautiful trail offering a very diverse terrain that runs through swamps, beaver dams and small lakes in the middle of the forest and I am really glad that I was able to experience it one on one. The entire trail is well marked and perfectly maintained and it provides an amazing opportunity for all those who seek solitude and serendipity in the heart of Adirondacks. 

I had a drop bag at the Parking Lot on Rt 3 - the end of the Eastern Connector.


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Hi Alicia, I am thinking of doing this route later this year and am considering which way to run. What mile was your drop bag located at? Did you bring a water filter? Thanks!