FKT: Alison Walker - Capital Ring (London, UK) - 2020-06-20

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14h 44m 36s

Did the capital ring as part of a 200km training week with 100 miles for the last 6 months.. did it self supported ie carrying everything I needed with me. Had to stop at corner shops (inc waiting time due to social distancing) for water. Had friends pop by - pays to have south London friends ??? 

Quite a lot of diversions due to leaving early and paths closed due to COVID. Fryent country park was also shut due to the murders earlier this week and had police tape so probably should not break the rules.. 

Very difficult navigation with breadcrumbs on London running estates. Very stop starty as my watch kept shouting diverted route ??‍♀️

Quite a brutal course as one moment you’re running on trails then spat out on the dual carriageway. Was ok in the early morning when there are no cars, but come late morning it’s as if we’re not in lockdown anymore!

Will need to go back again and do it properly. Don’t think I enjoyed it as I should as I kept getting lost and lost a bit of rhythm but hey ho, you live and learn... utter respect for those who managed the route without stop start like me ?