FKT: Alissa Albert - Point Reyes Loop (CA) - 2023-07-20

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7h 38m 21s

Point Reyes has some of my favorite trails so this seemed a perfect first FKT. The forecast was sunny, but I was thankful for the fog as it kept things a bit cooler along the fully exposed coast section.

Considering it’s mid July, I thought the trails would have been cleaned up by now, but no such luck. The trails are more overgrown than I’ve ever seen and the poison oak and stinging nettles are horrid. The downed trees and tall grass made navigation challenging, but I was committed.

I went solo and trails were pretty quiet, but it was a weekday after all. I refilled my 2L hydration at Wildcat Camp and carried all my calories. I would recommend carrying a flask with a filter to fill up at the creek around mile 28, otherwise you are going 20 miles from Wildcat to the end. It will depend on the season if the creek is running, but it was today.

i took the pace fairly chill and with all the bushwhacking in the first few miles and wading through tall grass so thick I couldn’t see the trail in the back half, there is a lot of room for improvement on this time. I don’t think the trails will be cleaned up this season so I wouldn’t recommend it before next year. Highly recommend calling the park ranger for trail conditions before giving this a whack.