FKT: Allen Taylor, Sam Lien - Alpine Lakes Crest Traverse (WA) - 2022-07-23

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15h 51m 9s
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What an incredible traverse! Thanks to Kyle for figuring this one out. Sam and I wanted to in-a-day it and figured we could put in a slightly faster time. Travel conditions were great with lots of supportable snow and a couple shots of great boot skiing. We went west around Williams like since that was in Kyle's original route description only to find out that the FKT route goes east, it probably cost us 15mins or so. Otherwise route finding went great. I started my watch at the Commonwealth TH sign and stopped it at the Cathedral Pass TH sign, gps did cut out a little before that, but we did get to the end before stopping it. 

Carried all our own food, water from abundant natural sources. Spectacular views!