FKT: Ally Carlton - Art Loeb Trail (NC) - 2023-11-23

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6h 36m 15s
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I ran the Art Loeb Trail northbound on November 23, 2023. I started at the Art Loeb trailhead sign at the Davidson River Campground and ran to the Art Loeb trailhead sign at the Daniel Boone Boy Scout Camp. I did this completely unsupported. No one ran with me, no one stashed food or water for me, and I did not stash food or water for myself. Everything I used I carried in my running pack. I had two liters of water, a Cliff bar, a few GU gels, and a pop tart that I carried with me in my pack and used for fuel/hydration. I did not get water or food from any other sources (not even natural). My total time was 6 hours, 36 minutes, and 13 seconds. I believe this is the FKT for both unsupported and supported categories. The photos might have uploaded out of order, so let me know if you have any questions. It felt really good and I am so excited! Let me know if you need anything else/any other proof. I'm not super tech savvy so I hope I uploaded everything correctly. Thank you!