FKT: Ally Hughes, Johanna Gasson, Kirstie Fraser - Llangollen Round (United Kingdom) - 2021-02-27

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Standard loop
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Mixed-gender team
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8h 35m 50s
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On Saturday  27 February, Ally, Kirstie and me ran together with our dogs the Llangollen round. We started at around 7.30am in Carrog, just behind the railway station, before the bridge. It was perfect weather - sun throughout the entire round but pretty cold, no wind. The ground was mostly dry. We did a stop after about 20miles and refilled our water supplies and ate something at my house.

Due to closures (incl. the aqueduct which is each year closed for a month for repair works), we had to choose a few different roads and trails on a few sections.

It was a brilliant outing with perfect weather, a perfect route and perfect company.


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Diversions we took:

  • We went a different trail over the Trevor/ Llangollen panorama as we missed one sign. This added approx. just under 1mile and 500-1,000ft elevation to the route - but the trail is way more scenic.
  • The aqueduct was closed, therefore we ran via Gate Rd which added a few hundred yards extra to our route.
  • One path thru the woods in Froncysyllte was closed which added another few hundred yards to our route; we had to run via Woodlands Rd/ Cwmalis Rd.

In total, the diversions added approx. 30-40min in total.