FKT: Alyssa Devereaux - East Coast Trail North (NL, Canada) - 2020-08-30

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1d 1h 5m 6s
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Main support for the day was Dean Hammond, Katie Wadden, Steph Nevin and Will Duggan, both running and following me around in a support vehicle with food, clothes, etc.  It was an absolutely amazing day and experience, surrounded by wonderful people, scenery and trails.  Ran alongside a whale breaching, an eagle soaring above us, and many foxes, one which decided to follow us for the last 3 km.  I later found out Dean was feeding the fox my chips!  Katie ran with me for the first 50km, including a stop to breastfeed her 5-month old son at a trailhead along the way.  It was my first time running a lot of the first 50km trails, too. Many other runners and friends jumped in throughout the day to run various sections with me. Overall I reached the 100km in less than 23 hours, and really slowed down for the last 5km finishing the full 105km in just over 25 hours.