FKT: Alyssa Godesky - Long Trail (VT) - 2018-07-31

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5d 2h 37m 0s

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Trip report link (with many photos and links to daily videos on Facebook)

My plan was to stay on JB's pacing for as long as I could, hopefully being able to out push him for Day 3 to get me ahead. My trip began in the pouring rain at 5:05am on Thursday 7/26. The rain eventually lifted but it made for plenty of wet trail conditions on day 1. Luckily I was just excited to be out there and my crew was great, getting me to Bear Hollow Shelter in good time for a 4 hour sleep on the first night. We awoke early to start day 2 - a big push with Whiteface/Mansfield/Camel's Hump. I made great time up the first two, but then hit a low moment over Mt. Mayo -- that was a tough section I hadn't seen in training on the trail over the last 8 weeks. It was also pretty hot. I regrouped and went into Camel's Hump in good spirits, and not even the thunder and lightning could ruin that. I had to take shelter under Molly Stark's Balcony since the storm was right over us at that point, but we got to App Gap only ~1 hour behind schedule to sleep.
My favorite section of the trail is from App Gap to Lincoln Gap and it was a beautiful morning. The Breadloaf Wilderness section was also recently cleared of blowdowns which was a nice treat. Heading from Brandon Gap to Elbow Rd was another section I hadnt seen, and the wet trails and darkness made this particularly hard. I welcomed sleeping in a hotel in Killington this night. 
After the sleep in the hotel, I was refreshed back and Elbow Rd, and made good time up Killington and through the following sections when some friends came out to run with me and my parents arrived as well. I took a shorter day here to regroup for the last big push. The final days started with a night hike over Mt Baker and I was in good spirits around Manchester. Going up and over Stratton the fatigue, heat, and tough trail conditions started to wear on me, and I knew I still had Glastenbury ahead. I bargained for some sleep at the Goddard Shelter, and made my way slowly up there for a quick rest. That gave me some refreshment for the last big push, and although very slow and painful as my body had started to shut down on me, the sun came back up for the last day, and the finish line arrived in 5 days, 2 hours, and 37 minutes. 

Start - 7/26 5:05
Jay Pass 9:06
Eden Crossing 15:07
Depart Bear Hollow Shelter - 7/27 3:35
Smugglers Notch 8:00
Bolton Notch 16:10
Arrival Appalachain Gap/VT-17 - 7/28 1:30
VT-125 - Middlebury Gap 16:29
Arrive - Elbow Road - 7/29 2:25
Upper Cold River Rd 12:44
VT-103 14:41
Arrive - Mt Tabor Road 19:45
VT-11/30 - 7/30 7:10
Kelley Stand Rd/Stratton-Arlington Rd 13:58
Arrive Goddard Shelter 19:15
Southern Terminus - 7/31 7:42