FKT: Alyssa Roberts - Zoar Valley Trail (OH) - 2023-04-29

Route variation
one way
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Total time
3h 27m 24s
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4/29/2023 - began ~12:30pm 57 degrees, light wind, especially at the top of some of the ridges.

The weather was overcast and cloudy, looked like rain at any minute the entire time. I wore a long sleeve and a neck/head (ear) gator/buff for wind protection, toward the end/ on the river trail, i removed because it got a tad toasty. The sun popped out about twice, but i was a tad concerned going out without a visor and/or sunnies, but i was fine. i wore my Garmin n920 and 735 - one had the gpx and the other was just tracking miles. I wanted to make sure i didn't mess up my tracking.

i carried my osprey pack - with all my goodies - ~2.3 liters of water in a bladder - i drank all but ~300mL, i ate 2 hammer gels - berry flavor, 2 sour straws

The first 10 miles were on roads, paved, good condition, some nice views especially at the top of ridge road (Ave.?) - see photo. 

The right turn off Hillandale road onto the 'river trail' i missed and had to double back and find it. I didn't realize i was getting off of the road finally, for a short time. so there is about 0.50 miles of extra milage. 

It was great getting off the road and i was ready to be next to the river and be in the 'woods' but, the trail on the east side of the river is quite a ways above the river and some along a steep embankment. not much to see, but easy to stomp out the miles fast, if you wanted to.

During this part of the trail, there were ankle to mid-shin depth LARGE puddles. My shoes were mostly dry the entire time (other than getting off the road and walking in moist grass while a car passed), but i was just wearing road shoes, so they soaked thru and drained mostly quickly, but my feet got a tad funky, i would have made sure to change them if it was any longer of a route.

Crossing the street and getting onto the canal trail, was a tad more entertaining, some rolling baby hills, saw some people, wildlife, i was just ready to finish and get some grub.

I am glad i did it, it was nice seeing that part of Ohio, not sure if I would be interested in doing it again.

My friend Vagn Steen assisted by moving my car from start to finish, he also did some walking along the train and played paparazzi, just ensuring i was progressing and didn't need any emergency aid (not that i expected to need any on such a tame route). At no point did i receive any aid from him, nor did i hand off any of my gear to him during my run. Everything started with, i ended with.

Editor's note: Per the FKT guidelines page, spectating is classified as support.