FKT: Alyx Luck Barnett - Mauna Loa (HI) - 2020-02-22

Route variation
Summit Trail out & back
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
12h 34m 55s

Many photos on Strava.

Very light jog on easy trails

fkt time tho ???
I think this could be done in 9/10 hours by myself if I had packed lighter.... an Actual good runner could do it in 6 ish male 7 ish female I think ?

Used mostly gels and nuun, the real food didn’t seem appealing, used Billy’s fast-pack (it was too big and bounced/chafed a little), 4.8 liters of water, shorts & long sleeve with ball-cap for 95%, had a beanie and gloves/pants, and jacket (again packed way too much), listened to music for maybe 2 hours otherwise enjoyed silence, had lights first mile and last half a mile (but had packed 3 lol), didn’t use any meds or anything (was expecting Aunt Flo luckily got a day pass), no issues, no blisters or foot problems, or major falls just a handful of whoopies ! So glad Mauna Loa let me have safe passage. ?