FKT: Alyx Luck Barnett - Oahu Circumnavigation (HI) - 2019-05-12

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1d 23h 28m 0s

This was Anna and my first go at what I'm sure will be a multiple occurrence event. She started injured and still managed 102 miles, so I brought it in alone, and then had a friend join for the last few miles and highway crossings.

We stopped halfway for her to sleep ( I can't ever sleep during these things) and it helped her get to 102 miles, but took a HUGE chunk of time out and made my sleep deprivation much worse, so won't take a break again, but just will split up if one of us needs a break. Otherwise we had a BLAST and have an absurd amount of laughs, the sorest part on my body is bound to be my abs from laughing so hard.

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