FKT: Amanda Lenik - Schuylkill River Trail (PA) - 2024-03-30

Route variation
Parkerford - Philadelphia
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
6h 49m 56s

I decided to attempt this FKT running eastbound, beginning at the Parkerford Trailhead and ending in Philadelphia where the SRT ends shortly after the South Street Bridge. Overall the attempt was smooth! The weather was perfect, I would recommend this time of year - chilly AM but never got too hot. Everything was in full spring bloom which was also awesome! I definitely recommend sunnies if you're running in this direction - I had no cloud coverage but also very little wind (thankfully). The only drawback to this time of year was the public water fountains and water fill stations were not turned on yet for the season. I ran out of water around mile 18 and had to rely on calories alone to give me enough fuel to the end. I enjoyed many deer and rabbits crossing my path and one fox and one snake! This is a well-marked paved trail, that is pretty much entirely flat. Cyclists zipped by many times so definitely be aware of your surroundings because they move quickly on this trail and in packs. I thoroughly enjoyed my Easter weekend pilgrimage to the city of brotherly love! Happy Running!