FKT: Amber Monforte - Tahoe Rim Trail (CA) - 2014-09-07

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2d 1h 17m 0s

Amber Monforte reports running the TRT in a new women's supported FKT of 49h17m on September 5-7, 2014. Monforte had attempted the trail in June, but was shut down by GI issues. She carried a Delorme and made the track available to the administrator of this site in real time.  Monforte's FKT stood for just over a year.


Monforte wrote:

So after getting shut down in June in my attempt to complete the TRT the bug kept eating at me. After a last minute cancilation on running the Wonderland Trail with some friends, I grabbed my husband and some trusty friends and family and gave it another go. This time I started on Kingsbury going clockwise at 6:00 AM on Friday September 5th. I completed it today at 7:17. For a time of 49:17. Attached is the link to my DeLorme tracking page. The time is a couple minutes slower on the DeLorme because I forgot to grab it from my pack. Super stoked to have ben able to finish it this time, and so very thankful for the wonderful crew and pacers that helped me achieve my goal. My crew consisted of Ryan Weibe Keevin Blue, Sienna Smith, Scott Gabler, Sami Miller and Dan Miller. For the best description of my run check out my FB page. [data now gone]

I definitely agree the new sections of trail add up to more miles, but they offer better trail and views. Our guess for the total was somewhere between 170-175 miles. Thanks JB for mentioning the water filter you used on your podcast. After listening I've been carrying it around all summer and it's what I used for refills on my run.

Here is a write up of my run.