FKT: Amy Hanlon - Cape Cod National Seashore Traverse (MA) - 2022-08-11

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5h 12m 26s

I’ve been coming to Cape Cod my entire life and the beach I’ve spent the most time at is Coast Guard. When I heard someone did the route I kicked myself for not thinking of it myself 

My family and I all came down with covid during the week before this particular vacation so it wasn’t exactly ideal timing but I figured I would just go slow if my body told me to and I had my husband on bailout duty, and logistics. 

Getting the tides right is tricky. I figured it would take me under 6 hours and over 5 so I started just under three hours after high. I know there are some skinny sections out there! It was also the first day not in the 90s. It was raining lightly for the first few hours and then maybe 80 and humid and mostly cloudy. The sun peaked out at the end which was lovely! Really can’t complain considering the heat we’d been having.  I kinda missed the rain when it stopped  

I saw hundreds more seals than people. Beautiful scenery but pretty difficult on the body running so many miles on varying degrees of slant. Maybe 50/50 hard pack sand to looser sand. I wore sneakers the whole time, wanted to jump in - the water called my name a hundred times but I knew barefoot isn’t for me and a one grain of wet sand will give me a blister  so I saved my swim for the finish  I carried 2 liters of water with skratch and drank almost all of it  I snacked a little but didn’t find myself too hungry  

i loved this day but probably won’t do it again!