FKT: Amy Hanlon - Cape Cod Rail Trail (MA) - 2022-08-19

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 25m 7s

I have biked this route several times and run on portions of it hundreds of times but never run the whole thing at once. So I went for it. Drove myself to the start on a very pleasant morning. I saw hundreds of cyclists and 62 runners 

I did stop my watch for a min or so at lecount hollow where the ccrt used to end and my husband was waiting for me but I checked the map and they extended it .7 miles. I started my watch again and ran to the end. they was also evidence of trail extension at the beginning in Yarmouth but that part was labeled “work in progress  use at your own risk”  

Anyway. I overall had a great day!  Didn’t feel fast but I Felt decent.  Mostly shaded (not the last new part though and it was almost 90 by then). Not super scenic but a ton of people watching and a few pretty spots. My favorite part was when I hit Eastham where I’ve been coming my whole life. A lot of flat pavement for me and I started to get some sore hips but no biggy.

I carried two liters of skratch and drank almost all  I ate a bunch of various snacks included little balls of vegan cookie dough I found.  They were yummy!