FKT: Amy Skeath - Ojai Valley Loop (CA) - 2023-11-05

Route variation
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Total time
13h 37m 42s

Myself, my dog Moose, and friend Amanda left from my house in Mira Monte. We ran down Rice Road, turned left onto Woodland and got onto the bike path. From there we ran down the bike path to the Sulfur trailhead. We ran up Sulfur to the top where we had a car with resupply parked. I refilled my pack and Amanda and Moose left me to carry on running down the paved part of Sulfur. I then turned right onto the 150 and then left onto Sisar rd. I climbed up Sisar to Red Reef and headed up Red Reef until I got the Nordoff ridge where I stopped for another resupply. My dad and Mark were there doing trail work and riding their bikes. I turned right on the ridge and touched the turn around gate. From the gate I headed down the ridge and stopped for a Gatorade at the Sisar intersection and continued on the ridge. I picked up my friend Tina at the Gridley intersection where she ran with me up to the Nordoff tower and down Pratt trail. From the intersection of Foothill Road and Pratt we turned right to get onto the connector to Signal street. From Signal Street I ran to the bike path where I turned right and ran to Baldwin road. Turned right at Baldwin and right back on Rice Road to get home.