FKT: Anders Aagaard Hansen - Klosterheden Mountain Bike Track (Denmark) - 2020-12-25

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Standard route
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Total time
4h 16m 17s
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I started running at 9:20 am, in minus 8 degrees celcius and with a backpack carrying 2 liters of energy drink. I used a GPS watch combined with route markers to navigate the route. I ran the most recent version of the full MTB-trail which is a bit different than the version shown here. It's a bit shorter, but it contains less road-running. I suggest that this is the route to be used for future FKT attempts. I finished the full route 4 h 16 min and 17 sec later. It was a beautiful sunny day, and I almost had the whole of Klosterheden to my self. Route is highly recommended.