FKT: Andrea Lopez, Daniela Navarrete, Valeria Collio - Cerro Castillo Circuit (Chile) - 2019-02-17

Route Variation
Standard route
Finish Date
Time (duration)
12h 44s

Started in Las Horquetas and finished in the square of Villa Cerro Castillo.
Had to spend 15 minutes at the Guardería Conaf and pay 10.000 each.
Sunny day for the most part. Winds up to 60 km/hr. Only a little bit of snow in the first pass.
Total time to Guardería CONAF: 1:58
Total time to Paso el Peñón: 3:55
Total time to Laguna Cerro Castillo: 6:25
Total time to Camping Neozelandez: 10:00
Total time to Villa Cerro Castillo: 12:00