FKT: Andrea Sansone, Andrew Hamilton - Sunlight, Windom & Eolus (CO) - 2021-09-05

Route variation
round trip from Purgatory
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
14h 32m 0s

For this FKT Andrew and I started from Purgatory and summited Windom first, then Sunlight, on to North Eolus, and then Eolus for our 4th summit, and out, finishing back at Purgatory in 14 hours and 32 minutes.  This is a little over 40 miles for a round trip push.  

We began at 2:11 am tired. We hiked/slow jogged almost the entire way into the basin with minimal things to say to each other listening to audible books and music. It felt like an eternity until we finally reached the basin.  Our timing was perfect as everything was opening up just as dawn was breaking and we could see the peaks looming over us. We decided on Windom first because the ridge proper climb to Eolus from North Eolus is arguably the best part of the route that gives Andrea her greatest high. 

Everything was going great. We were moving smooth and fast, with of course many moments of leg burn.  The ascents sometimes felt slow, but our splits often surprised us when we frequently checked the time. 

The ascent from North Eolus to Eolus lived up to every expectation we had, and we climbed the ridge the fastest either of us had ever done before, the time?
12 MINUTES!!! We were stoked, and so excited to have a record time for ourselves on those peaks. 

Our goal times throughout the day started at 16 hours then dropped to 15 after reassessing, and then thinking of the possibility of 14 hours.  Approaching the 2nd bridge on the way out, our 10 mile mark to the finish felt like an eternity, even though we hadn't stopped running.  With ten miles and 3 hours left, it seemed an impossibility with all the uphill remaining.  We each downed a 5 hour energy, and ran the next 6 miles just like we were on a training run, and that was key to our success.  We knew 14 hours was in reach when we reached the last bridge just 4 miles from the finish. We only had to keep moving and that is what we excel in. 

The final ascent was our last push and we finished laughing and impressed with not only ourselves but the entirety of our trip, our ability to push the way we did, and our success. 

02:11 - Start

08:40 - Windom

09:36 - Sunlight

11:19 - N Eolus

11:37 - Eolus

16:43 - Finish