FKT: Andrea Scott - Art Smith Trail - 2022-03-26

Route variation
out & back
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Total time
3h 10m 18s
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Started early to avoid running too long in the heat of the day. Took only my handheld for water (I don't recommend this strategy for thirsty people). No water sources on the trail, nor is there a water fountain at the beginning of the trail either. Ran the first 4-5 miles without seeing anyone except a bearded lizard. The middle few miles are more rolling hills so I took advantage of the downhills to run a little harder. Got to the top around 7.8 ish miles in. There is a bulldozer melting into the sand from the abandoned Dunn Road project. Stopped to chat with some mountain bikers before heading back down. Took it easy for most of the way down to avoid overheating. Saw a lot of people in the last 2 miles starting out on their daily hike. Total mileage was 15.9 miles for the out and back. Got back to the parking lot and ended up walk/running back to Rancho Mirage (separate activity). A great scenic trail without too many people!