FKT: Andres Olivera Scollo - Pico de las Nieves (Canary Islands) - 2021-02-20

Route variation
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 38m 17s

From Faro Maspalomas to Pico las Nieves

0-29K with 1,2L water

I refuel in the main square of San Bartolomé of Tirajana (Tunte) 1L Of water and one orange juice :) 

29-40K 1,2K water

I decide to go light straight to Tunte, the other option its to refuel in Ayaguares but I don´t take this option.

Day start good, the first 12.5K are mostly flat the last 6.5 are very rocky and quite complicate to run. 

The climb from the valley 12.5K - 14.5K its not too steep so you can push and run, this section have a lot of rocks also. 

From 14,5 - 19,3K its dirty road so you can run without problems. 

From 19,3 - 25,3K you have a mixed trail with some clean parts and rocky ones. You have really good flats to run (If you have legs) 

From 25,3 to 29,3K it start the downhill part to Tunte, the first 3km are on trails en the next ones are in dirty road and road. 

From 29,3 to 40,5K you have a mixed trail some few sections clean path and most of them rockys. 

If you like to climb on rocky terrains I think this route is for you, personally after 2 weeks of comming back to training was the best decision to make this FKT and route that give me more motivation to start the training season. If I will do this route again I will bring more water in the first 29K in order to not be a little bit dehydrated. But sometimes its complicate if you want to choose to go light.