FKT: Andrew Reeves - North Bedfordshire Heritage Trail (United Kingdom) - 2023-05-28

Route variation
Standard Loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
16h 47m 15s

Completed 28th May 2023. 5:44 am start from Harrold Country Park, finishing at 10:31 pm.

For this unsupported round I carried 1.5 kg of bars/chocolate and started with two 500 ml flasks and about 450 ml in a Grayl Ultralight bottle.

It was a hot day so water was obtained at the following public/trail sources:

Hatch End horse paddocks (tap)

Wilden Church (tap)

RSPB Lodge, Sandy (toilets)

Willington Church water butt (with slug in it!) The Grayl filter bottle came good here as not talking to the great white telephone today.

My plan to filter from rivers was luckily not needed and unviable as the riverbanks were so overgrown. Lush waist high vegetation caused a massive deterioration in speed. Would not recommend May.

Happy to help future athletes with navigational tricky points.