FKT: Andrew Thomas - TTC Line 2 (ON, Canada) - 2021-05-30

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2h 47m 56s
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B5U63647.FIT221.92 KB

I started early on a Sunday morning, it was a beautiful spring day for a run. From Kennedy Station to Victoria Park Station was a bit confusing for me as I don't know this area that well. The rest of the way was pretty straight forward but lots of small road work areas to be careful around. I carried a 591 ml bottle of water which a drank early on and then I switched to the other 591 ml bottle I brought which was a mix of Powerade and water. I ate sour gummies which I brought along and had a Wonderbar when I got to Kipling that had remained in my pocket all run. Thanks to Raphael Kinney for creating the route! It was a lot of fun to do especially with no road races at the moment here. It's a great way to see the city as well!