FKT: Andy Hewat - Bibbulmun Track (WA, Australia) - 2012-12-09

Route variation
Standard route
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
17d 9h 39m 0s

I started at the Northern Terminus at 5:29am Thursday 22/11/2012 and reached the Southern Terminus at 3:08pm on Sunday 9/12/2012. That makes 17 days, 9 hours and 39 minutes. I went self-supported utilising 7 very small food drops left out in the days prior and supplemented with meals and food in some of the trail towns. I recorded my days on a Garmin 910 and 310 but mostly using a footpod rather than gps to conserve battery life. I also carried a Spot tracker and have saved screen shots demonstrating my complete coverage of the course (including retracing to correct any wrong turns). I utilised the local taxi at Denmark to get dropped at Pelican Point (boat service is near impossible to access anymore) and followed the official maps and any official redirections to the letter for the entire course. My daily activities were broadcast in brief onto a blog ( and I kept a brief log of my time and distances enroute. I took a picture of myself at every hut (missed one that I stayed in overnight after a late arrival and early departure) and recorded my name in every hut logbook.

I plan to write a report for the blog and post a detailed gear list eventually.

I had a fantastic time and thoroughly recommend the track to anyone looking for a challenge and adventure.