FKT: Andy Hewat, Brett Saxon - Great Ocean Walk (Victoria, Australia) - 2015-09-26

Route variation
Great Ocean Walk
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
17h 0m 27s
GPS track(s)

Brett and I wanted to run the GOW100s course and record some video and take some pictures and check the .gpx file for race entrants.

We left a car at the 12 Apostles visitor centre the night before and set off from Apollo Bay on a mild sunny spring Saturday at 5:02am. We had a great day out, stopping for an ice-cream at the Cape Otway lighthouse kiosk and we had stashed some ginger beer at Castle Cove and we filled with water at a couple of campgrounds along the way. We ran out of light around the Gables and ran into the visitor centre at a touch over 17:00hrs. 

I hadn't given much thought to this being an FKT until another local runner, Ben Nicholls, started looking for any established FKT (outside of the GOW race) because he was keen to have a crack at it. Given he needs a time to chase, I thought it appropriate to lodge our time from 2015. Ben is heading off on 15 September 2020, first day after Wave 2 lockdown restrictions start to ease. Good luck Ben.