FKT: Andy Scott - Mt Chocorua (NH) - 2013-05-14

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48m 25s

Anyone know about and FKT on Mt. Chocorua? My best time up the Piper Trail last year was 51:54 to the summit. The trailhead is located right off NH Route 16 in Albany, NH. I went back yesterday hoping to go sub 50 minutes and went 48:25 to the summit for a new personal record on the route. Curious to know how this stacks up against other times on Chocura (whether on the Piper trail or others). I was only going for ascent time, but my total time back the parking lot was 1:28:30. I don't have GPS to prove but would never embellish anything. I'm more curious to know how this stacks up if anyone has tried the route before.