FKT: Angela Sauer, Kelsey Sauer - Appalachian Trail - 2015-08-03

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106d 8h 0m 0s

Hiked the Appalachian Trail as a Mother/Daughter team supported in 106 days. We had support from a van that we could resupply at.  We averaged 21 miles a day for 106 days April 20,2015 Northbound to end August 3,2015 in Maine. We filtered our water on the AT daily and carried just our food and water most days.  The goal was to hike rain, snow or heat and to get to the van and sleep in the van at night! Dan Smithhisler drove the van the first 9 weeks and then Conrad Sauer drove the last few weeks thru the 100 mile wilderness and hiked in at night to meet us on the trail and help guide us out!

Angela and Conrad Impact Adventures You Tube channel has a short high light video of this.