FKT: Anja Goetzinger Petterson - Enchantment Lakes Traverse (WA) - 2019-08-07

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4h 55m 49s

The Enchantments Trail is a point to point route, commonly used for backpackers in Washington state... near Leavenworth. It’s a pretty aggressive trail that’s roughly 23 miles with a little over 5k’ of gain with a net downhill when starting from the Colchuck/Stewart Lake Trailhead and ending at Snow Lakes Trailhead. The opposite direction is an extra 2k’ of vert, but the start being at Colchuck is what’s used for the FKT (hopefully I can start/set the fkt for the other direction as well someday!). The scenery is gorgeous, yet intense! Boulder hobbling, skree bounding, and a lot of nasty roots makes it quite an adventure... yet at the same time, a sky runners paradise with it’s moderate altitude and running along glacier alpine lakes and jagged rock formations... if it wasn’t for all the fluffy mountain goats, you’d almost feel like you’re on an alien planet!! The majority of the trail is marked with occasional rock piles, so if you don’t know the course, it’s easy to get a bit turned around!! I’ve done this route two other times before, BUT starting from the opposite direction! So it was my first time experiencing the Aasgard Pass insanity (a section before you get up top, also referred to as the gateway to the Enchantments), which was roughly a mile up slippery rocks with about 2k’ of gain! Which, I will say, was much more enjoyable going up then coming down (knees weren’t too crazy about the steep downs!). Once you’re on top, it’s pretty exposed till you start dropping back down to Snow Lakes, then from there it’s more wooded (and a bit more gentle) for the remainder of the trip.