FKT: Ann Wallace - Surveyor's Ridge Trail (OR) - 2022-06-04

Route variation
out & back
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
6h 16m 27s

There has been a reroute / new section of trail since the original route was posted. The Surveyor's Ridge trail goes all the way through now. The original route follow an old section of the trail and the road for ~1 mile. I didn't realize this until I turned around and tried to follow the original trail back. I would suggest updating the route to follow the full trail. 

Otherwise the trail was in perfect condition and very runnable. I ran on a Saturday and only saw 2 other people. I didn't get any good views of Mt. Hood due to clouds and overcast, but it made for great running weather. I ran this solo with my dog. 


I ran into issues with uploading pictures to this site but they are include on my strava .