FKT: Anna Gibson - Middle and South Tetons - 2022-08-10

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5h 16m 27s
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I had an excellent time on this speed mission up the Middle and South! I ran alone the entire route and carried all my snacks in my running vest, stopping only briefly to fill my bladders with water (or snow - which I melted against my body heat - when I was desperate). Very familiar with both ascents, and often linking them as a pair in the past, I didn't have to stop for routefinding in the alpine sections. I moved almost continually, aside from a 6 minute break at the top of the Middle when I ran into some friends and another couple minutes at the top of the South to take in the view. I started the adventure at 11:30am so temperatures were quite warm, causing me to consume way more water than I originally anticipated, but there wasn't a breath of wind. I never needed even so much as a long sleeve. Cheers to a beautiful day in the backyard!