FKT: Anna Mae Flynn, Tyler Andrews - Pichincha Traverse (Ecuador) - 2020-01-18

Route variation
full traverse (Quito City - Lloa town center)
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Finish date
Total time
6h 8m 19s

Trip report with photos:

Note that Tyler pulled away on the final downhill and finished in 5h56m4s, which could be considered the men's "supported" (paced) FKT.  However, the pair chose to report their time as an unsupported team.

Tyler wrote:  "We started at 06:05am on Jan 18 from the standard Polochasqui route up to Cruz Loma (1h06), normal route up to Rucu Pichincha Summit (2h08), and then across all 4 summits (Ladrillos, Padre Encantado, Guagua Pichincha), and down the dirt road to Lloa. We received no assistance but did have people on Guagua for filming/cheering and had trailing car/bikes on the dirt road stretch for safety (stray dogs, other vehicles, etc.) Fantastic day. Also -- note --Anna Mae Flynn actually set 3 FKTs: the Polichasqui climb (1h06), the full Rucu climb (2h08), and the full traverse (6h08). Tyler Andrews set the full traverse FKT (5h56)."