FKT: Anna Maxwell - Snoqualmie Valley Trail (WA) - 2021-06-13

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4h 16m 17s

Went out for a jog with my friend Charlie, Mikelle and Hannah Waskom. Charlie ran 15 and Mikelle and Waskom made it to a marathon. We also happened to run through the marathon on iron horse-oops. If running with them changes this from self supported to support I’m happy to changed the designation, but def could have done alone and def could have gone faster. The average pace for females should be at least 6:30-7:30 average. I only turned out like an 8 minute average because the longest run I’ve ever done till now was a 14 mile long run in college like 6 years ago. Anyhow was better than expected and am tempted to cut this time down much more aggressively in the future. Such a lovely trail, also gotta love the slight downhill the whole way….also time was probably under 4 but I wasn’t stopping the watch necessarily for peoples constant pee breaks etc