FKT: Anna Pillinger - Bondi to Manly Walk (NSW, Australia) - 2021-11-30

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Total time
8h 32m 44s
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B2M.gpx9.03 MB

I started at 6am at Bondi, it was an overcast and very humid morning! All went well for the first 40kms or so (a few wrong turns but nothing too major).  Things went downhill around 40km when I started getting really severe cramping in my legs so I had to switch to a lot of run/walk and take the downhills and stairs very slowly! Despite that it was a great day out - it started raining towards the end which was a welcome relief!  No support on course.

I used a combination of Tailwind, Spring energy and Koda gels. I carried enough for the run and refilled my water bottles from public water fountains along the way. I carried the Tailwind sachets to easily replenish my water bottles.