FKT: Anna Rizik - Shaupeneak Ridge - Every Trail (NY) - 2021-07-22

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2h 22m 54s
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Per this FKT’s guidelines, I ran all the trails at Shaupeneak Ridge as efficiently as possible. Best day in weeks for it - sunshine, low humidity, not too hot. Trail was moist but not slippery, rocks were dry. Lots of rocks, roots, fern gardens, water features…a constantly changing trail. Great place to train - you basically encounter every trail condition! The climb at the beginning will make you question your life decisions but the rest of the trail is nice, manageable up/downs. The orange-green connector is the only other steep portion of this where it’s difficult to run but it’s short. A portion of the blue trail is a stream/beaver dam but it’s navigable. Only took one wrong turn on blue from the upper parking lot & caught myself less than 0.1 miles into it so that’s why there’s some bonus mileage. Ankles held up well despite the terrain (I’m prone to rolling) & I feel like I pushed pretty hard considering I was dead tired when I started - nothing a little caffeinated springenergy couldn’t fix! Ran alone with my vest with some runner’s jelly beans and spring energy gels plus my water bladder & that was all she wrote!